Invited speakers

  • Prof. Dr. Victor Mitrana (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid)

“DNA Self-Assembly by Hairpin”
We discuss a bio-inspired operation suggested by the DNA biochemistry: hairpin completion. Three variants of this operation are discussed as formal operations on strings and languages. Distances based on these operations are considered and algorithms for computing them are presented. The inverse of these operations are also considered, and some open problems are finally proposed.

  •  Dr. Agustín Riscos-Núñez  (Universidad de Sevilla)

“Complexity classes in Membrane Computing: P-conjecture and related issues”
The P conjecture was initially formulated as a question by Gh. Paun in 2005, and despite the attention it has received since then, it still remains an open problem.
We shall overview the main results obtained so far providing partial solutions to the P-conjecture, as well as some interesting related contributions to the eld of computational complexity classes in membrane computing (including attempts to tackle the P vs NP problem).